Competition Oirschot

The first design competition within the programme 'A new building culture, biobased and nature-inclusive building' took place in Oirschot. The competition was organized by the municipality of Oirschot, in collaboration with Kalliste Woningbouwontwikkeling B.V. and Woonstichting 'thuis. Three design teams submitted their plans and on October 6th the plan of Nieuwe Oogst (New Harvest) was declared the winner during the Growing Green Cities meetup at the Floriade.

Winning plan: Nieuwe Oogst

The team of urban planner Dirk van Peijpe (De Urbanisten), architect Daan Bruggink (ORGA) and landscape architect Sander Rombout (Copijn) was selected by the jury as the winner of the competition. The municipality of Oirschot intends to provide this team with a follow-up assignment for the preparation of an urban and landscape masterplan for the area development De Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk. The designers of the winning plan want to bring culture and nature back into harmony. The jury spoke of a strong, integral entry with a convincing inclusive approach. She considers the chance of realization of this plan the greatest and has high expectations of the experience and the educational effect that can be assumed from it.

Feasible, affordable and scalable

The competition A new building culture - biobased and nature-inclusive building relates to location De Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk in Oirschot. In the next 10-15 years there will be room for 400 homes. The municipality of Oirschot has called on urban planners, landscape architects and architects to design an urban vision that strengthens the landscape qualities and makes the best of the possibilities of biobased and nature-inclusive building. The municipality is also looking for inspiring designs and business cases for a sub-area that show that biobased and nature-inclusive building is feasible, affordable and scalable, within a sustainable area development.


The five selected teams were invited to participate in the competition, which took place in two rounds. The first round had the character of an idea competition in which the participants were asked to submit a global urban and landscape vision. From the entries, an independent professional jury selected a maximum of three entries that were best judged and advised the tenderer on this. Each of the maximum five teams participating in the first round of the competition received a compensation of € 3,000.00 excl. the VAT to be reimbursed by the tenderer, provided that a valid entry had been made.

In the second round of the competition, we asked the three selected teams to sharpen their vision from the first round and to elaborate it in a sketch design for a sub-area and building with a business case. Each team that participated in the second round of the competition received a contribution to the costs of € 25,000.00 excl. the VAT to be reimbursed by the tenderer, provided that a valid entry had been made.


In the follow-up to the competition, the municipality of Oirschot intends to award an assignment to the winner to draw up a masterplan for the Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk area development based on his winning design. In addition, the winner can be invited to further design the plan for the sub-area in consultation with the partners involved in preparation for realization.

The sequel is not part of the competition.