New European Bauhaus

At the end of 2020, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called for a "New European Bauhaus" (NEB), based on the idea that the climate goals from the European Green Deal are not just a technical task, but also require social and cultural change. For this, innovation and imagination are needed.

  • NEB is a call to designers, scientists, creative thinkers, citizens and policy makers to make the sustainability transition tangible and bring it closer to people's hearts and minds.
  • NEB has three pillars: sustainability, aesthetics, inclusiveness. Or in Von der Leyen's words, it's about "matching sustainability with style."
  • NEB has common ground with the Davos Declaration, which commits to a strong baukultur, or good environmental quality. This Declaration was signed by all European ministers of culture in 2018.


NEB is a broad, bottom-up movement. It is primarily the partners and friends of NEB who shape this movement with their activities. The European Commission deploys various instruments in support, such as the NEB Lab: a think and do tank to develop and test new tools, solutions and policies. Through the Horizon Europe program, grants are awarded to projects that contribute to the NEB ethos. And prizes are regularly awarded to inspiring projects.

With whom?

Since 2021, CRa has been a partner of NEB and the national contact point for the Netherlands. We see this as a great opportunity to exchange more knowledge at the European level and to emphasize the importance of integrative design strength.

We do this with support from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Regular exchanges and collaborations take place, both with Dutch partners and with European colleagues. You can read more about these on this website.

Do you have questions about New European Bauhaus? On the NEB website you will find a lot of information.