Second Dutch NEB brainstorm

The second meeting of the Dutch New European Bauhaus partners took place in the afternoon of May 25th at the Stadsbauhaus in Leiden, the office of Leiden European City of Science 2022. The meeting provided an opportunity for official NEB-partners, NEB-friends and other interested parties to get to know one another and each other’s perspectives on NEB. The aim of this meeting: to explore the joint Dutch narrative on NEB and to learn more about the NEB-calls. In total 17 people participated in the meeting, representing 10 different organizations.

Collage Dutch NEB partners and friends


Every organization presented themselves, their NEB activities and/or ambitions and possible linkages with other partners and friends followed by a plenary dialogue about the shared narrative of the Netherlands. Thereafter, a brief crash course concerning the NEB calls was given by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) followed by the story of Cultuurcampus Rotterdam, which was selected as ‘lighthouse demonstrator’ and will receive funding from the European Commission.

Added value

All participants see the added value of the Dutch NEB network and agreed on another brainstorm. During the next meeting, which will take place in the fall of 2022, a shared Dutch narrative on New European Bauhaus will be further developed.